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Noise & Vibration Monitoring


The best way to ensure your project complies with ground vibration, overpressure and noise governing regulations is to employ the most reliable range of products for vibration, overpressure and noise monitoring, supported by an expert consulting team.

DST specializes in solving complex vibration, overpressure, noise, and hydrostatic pressure driven challenges caused by construction, mining, quarrying, blasting or demolition activities. Utilizing regular and sensitive receptors on-site or remotely, the DST team delivers comprehensive monitoring services for urban and rural projects across Canada.

We understand that each project is different which is why our priority is to work closely with our clients to identify the optimal vibration and noise monitoring solution to address their unique project needs.

  • On-site or remote vibration, overpressure and noise monitoring
  • 24/7 live vibration and noise monitoring services
  • 24/7 data processing and interpretation support
  • Real-time transmission of events to stakeholders via email or hosted on a secure server




DST is an authorized distributor of Instantel seismographs offering a full range of new and used vibration monitoring products for sale and for rent. We also ship worldwide.

With the largest rental fleet of Instantel seismographs in Canada, we can equip you with the most reliable, most versatile, and most user-friendly range of vibration monitoring products for use on your next project. Our rentals and sales are serviced in-house by personnel who can provide 24/7 data processing and interpretation support.

Contact Us for information and pricing on any of our new and used Instantel seismographs, hosting software, and accessories.




  • Blast Monitoring for Compliance
  • Construction Activity
  • Demolition Activity
  • Near-Field Blast Monitoring
  • Pile Driving Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Heavy Transportation Monitoring
  • Tunnel & Subway Monitoring
  • Bridge Monitoring
  • Remote Access Monitoring
  • Dynamic Compaction Activity
  • Structural Monitoring & Analysis

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