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DST Newsroom


2 th Jan 2018

With only a handful of firms in Canada capable of delivering non-destructive testing (NDT) investigations, DST is pleased to expand our client services to include this specialized testing.

Non-destructive testing is a stream of engineering consulting used to assess the condition of various types of structures by detecting voids, deformations, or spatial displacements within the grout.

Utilizing the Slab Impulse Response (SIR) test method with the aid of specialized instrumentation, DST conducts a systematic, 360 evaluation of the culvert or tunnel system and uses the evaluation to identify unanticipated or hidden deterioration in the structure’s adhesive material.

In the case of culvert rehabilitation projects, a non-destructive testing program can be deployed to determine compromised areas in the culvert’s cementitious grout, to understand the extent of the damage, and to provide recommendations for repairing the culvert, allowing the client to avoid replacement in some cases.

DST engineers and specialists understand non-destructive testing and how to properly implement this type of investigation for pavements, runways, asphalt slabs, tunnels, concrete slabs, steel liners, steel pipes/tunnels, and culverts.

Contact us at any time for more information on this value-added service, or any others.

Project Photo:  Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) void evaluation / void detection via SIR methodology, Walkly Road Sawmill Creek Culvert.  DST Consulting Engineers Inc. and National Structures Inc.

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