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DST Newsroom


10 th Apr 2017

DST Consulting Engineers Inc. has won the Consulting Engineers of Ontario Award of Merit in the Environment category for the ‘Natural Waterfall as a Green Solution to Stormwater Management for Wateridge Village’ project.

This award recognizes excellence in consulting engineering and highlights the innovative waterfall concept. The design team proposed a waterfall feature as the solution for stormwater conveyance for the Wateridge community development in Ottawa, Ontario. By combining robust engineered features with a low-impact design that was less intrusive on the surrounding landscape than standard methods, the waterfall solution supported the sustainable, interactive vision the Client had for the project.

Accepting the award on behalf of the firm was DST’s George Thomas, Director of Infrastructure, Ray Jambakhsh, Chief Technical Advisor, Andrew Naoum, Regional Manager of Infrastructure for Southern Ontario, and client representative Jean Lachance, Senior Director, Real Estate (Ottawa), Canada Lands Company Limited (CLC).

We would like to extend a special thank you to our client, CLC, because award winning projects start with exceptional clients who have an extraordinary vision of what could be and who have faith in our abilities to make it happen.

Further, this project could not have been a success without project partners, IBI Group Inc. and Tomlinson Group (formerly Colautti Group). This award honours the outstanding accomplishments made by all firms working on the project and we are sincerely grateful to have the honour to work with such high-calibre project partners. For this project, we were truly one part of an outstanding team.

Natural Waterfall as a Green Solution to Stormwater Management for Wateridge Village

The Rockliffe Lands, the former site of the Canadian Forces Base Rockliffe, are being transformed by CLC into the design-forward Wateridge Village Community. Located in Ottawa’s downtown core, the property is skirted by the Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway, National Research Council (NRC) lands, residential developments, the Montfort Hospital, the Ottawa/Rockliffe Airport, and the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum with the Ottawa river in close proximity. This 310-acre property is a premier development within the urban center of the Nation’s Capital.

A signature landmark for this new community is a natural waterfall. Cascading over the bedrock escarpment that forms the ridge, a defining geographic feature of the area, into a picturesque stormwater pond below, this waterfall is a vision of beauty and will be a point of pride for community residents. The waterfall also plays an integral role in the developments functionality. As part of the communities stormwater management infrastructure, the waterfall is an engineered feature that was proposed by DST a green solution to stormwater conveyance.

The waterfall has a u-shaped configuration. It is 20m high, 10m wide with a 3m in diameter outlet pipe sitting 40m from the crest of the waterfall directing stormwater runoff over the ridge and into the stormwater management pond. The space surrounding the pond and waterfall will be filled with green infrastructure: vegetation and trees that naturally contribute to stormwater management. The design creatively integrates the engineered features of the waterfall into the landscape so they remain hidden.

Advanced geotechnical knowledge and expert geo-investigations were required to determine the feasibility of the waterfall design and to predict how the integrity of the rock-face would be affected by erosion over the systems lifecycle. Adding to the projects complexity was the waterfall’s construction. Carving the u-shaped waterfall into the natural bedrock required DST to engineer a complex blast design that considered the natural environment and the highly public site location.

DST’s design challenged conventional stormwater conveyance methods to instead utilize an innovative design approach. By minimizing social and environmental impacts, meeting contract specifications, maximizing production, this project represents excellence in engineering. In the words of George Thomas, DST Project Manager responsible for this project, “when the work was done, the team knew it had got it right. Our mouths dropped. We couldn’t believe what we came up with. It exceeded our initial design expectations. You couldn’t ask for anything better.”

We are incredibly honoured to have received this award and thank the Consulting Engineers of Ontario for establishing this opportunity to honour engineers and the significant role that they play in our society.

About DST Consulting Engineers

DST is a nation-wide, employee owned company with over 40 years of experience. Our ‘product’ is our knowledge, our greatest asset is our brain power, and our business is providing a range of comprehensive, results-driven services to meet the special demands of our clients.