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DST Newsroom


6 th Nov 2018

OTTAWA, ON (November 6th, 2018) – DST Consulting Engineers Inc. (DST) has signed an exclusive Canadian Distributor Agreement with Encardio rite Electronics Pvt. Ltd. for geotechnical, structural and ground water instrumentation and performance monitoring equipment. 

DST is an established Canadian geotechnical engineering firm that has been planning, installing and commissioning instrumentation programs for 40 years.  “This is a market that we know extremely well and equipment that we trust,” explains Eric Gagne, DST’s Senior Technical Advisor, “partnering with Encardio Rite placed us in the best position to address the evolving requirements of the construction and environmental sectors.” 

Encardio rite is a leading global geotechnical instrumentation manufacturer based in India that has been in business for 52 years.  The group has a physical presence in 8 countries and its globally acclaimed products are used in more than 60 countries worldwide.  The strategic partnership marks Encardio rite’s entry into the Canadian market.     

By collaborating, Encardio rite and DST are creating increased value for customers in the form of reduced costs, expanded footprint, and ease of access to advanced instrumentation technology. 

Both companies are excited to align focus, efforts and resources to expand collective market presence.


DST announces exclusive partnership with Encardio Rite

The DST Team announces partnership with Encardio Rite.  L-R:  Saad Al Katranji, Instrumentation Specialist, George Thomas, Director of Infrastructure, Andrew Naoum, Regional Manager Infrastructure, Amanda Sauermann, Senior Marketing Specialist, Eric Gagne, Instrumentation Specialist.  

About DST Consulting Engineers

DST is a nation-wide, employee owned company with over 40 years of experience. Our ‘product’ is our knowledge, our greatest asset is our brain power, and our business is providing a range of comprehensive, results-driven services to meet the special demands of our clients.