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DST Newsroom

Dr. Sonny Sundaram Guest Speaker at the Maxxam Science Summit

1 th Feb 2018

On Tuesday, January 30th Dr. Sonny Sundaram, Senior Hydrogeologist, was invited to present on novel groundwater sampling and field measurement techniques at the Maxxam Science Summit in Thunder Bay, ON.  His talk centered on how site characterization can be expedited for remote sites through the application of passive, or no-purge, groundwater sampling, and real-time measurement techniques.

Differing from the traditional low flow and purge-based sampling practices, Dr. Sundaram discussed many of the benefits associated with the passive, no-purge groundwater sampling method.  He explained that this method required less equipment, logistics, and resources to collect samples and that this makes it an ideal, green choice for use in remote sites.

He further elaborated on the application of real-time measurement techniques and how this can be used to map acid generating mine waste.  The real-time measurement technique, if administered properly and under the proper site conditions, explained Dr. Sundaram, can lead to a significant reduction in sampling and interpretation time.

Dr. Sundaram cautioned that there are limitations to both techniques and that a number of factors needed to be considered before deciding to deploy no-purge samplers.  To determine suitability factors such as the hydrogeological and stratigraphic variabilities, well screen length, present at the project site needed to be evaluated.

If you would like more information on this talk or how you can invite Dr. Sundaram to speak at your event, please contact us.

Dr.  Sundaram is a results-focused Senior Hydrogeologist with 24 years of progressive North American managerial and technical experience working with the DST Ottawa, Ontario team.  His technical expertise covers a broad range of projects, including brownfields, contaminated sites, engineering geology, dewatering, groundwater supply, hydrology, remediation, and waste management.  More than 14 years of experience has been in a senior technical capacity.  Dr. Sundaram has overseen and directed numerous subsurface investigations at various projects supporting the construction of infrastructure projects, tunnel and mine development, groundwater supply and treatment works, remediation of former mine sites, and clean-up of contaminated industrial installations.

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