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DST Newsroom

“Deconstructing – and Recycling – a Building, Brick by Brick”

8 th Nov 2017

DST Director Speaks with Engineering Dimensions Magazine on the 880 Bay Street Demolition Project

George Thomas, DST’s Director of Infrastructure Client Group, had the pleasure of speaking with Duff McCutcheon from Engineering Dimensions Magazine about the firm’s role as prime demolition consultant for the systematic deconstruction of 880 Bay Street in Toronto, ON.

Featured in the Profile section of the November/December 2017 issue, the article gave Mr. Thomas a unique opportunity to speak candidly about some of the innovations required to successfully, and of course safely, demolish a 170, 000 sq. ft. government building without disrupting the day-to-day flow of a busy downtown city center.  For this project DST worked with various sub-contractors, most notably demolition experts Priestly Demolition Inc., to keep the public safe and to achieve a waste diversion rate of 95% for the project.

Read the full story.

Engineering Dimensions is published bimonthly by Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) and covers a range of topics that are relevant to professional engineers across the province.

About DST Consulting Engineers

DST is a nation-wide, employee owned company with over 40 years of experience. Our ‘product’ is our knowledge, our greatest asset is our brain power, and our business is providing a range of comprehensive, results-driven services to meet the special demands of our clients.