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DST Newsroom

Booth Street Asbestos Risk Evaluation

24 th Apr 2018

Booth Street in Ottawa is home to a Government of Canada building complex. Recently during renovations at this complex, one of the buildings underwent an emergency shutdown and evacuation because of concerns of disturbance of previously-concealed asbestos within a construction area.

DST Consulting Engineers Inc., an industry leader in hazardous material management, was contacted after hours and had emergency response personnel onsite within 30 minutes.  The DST team worked days and nights, including through a weekend, to evaluate the asbestos risk.  DST provided oversight of clean-up operations and completed a variety of sampling and air quality monitoring to ensure the building’s employees could quickly return to a safe work environment. 

DST also provided senior technical input during a tenant open house session following the reopening of the building to provide an overview of clean-up efforts and respond to technical questions of the tenants.

DST’s client expressed appreciation of our high degree of technical knowledge as well as gratitude for our prompt responses and continuous support during this emergency project.

To see a news clip about the story, visit the CTV website

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