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Community Events & Sponsorships

Corporate responsibility is a top priority for DST Consulting Engineers and we make every effort to give back to the communities in which we operate. We understand that our continued support of local events, programs and charities contribute not only to the success and wellbeing of the community, but also the long term success of our business. Together, we are working with community partners to invest in our shared future.


Wake the Giant in Thunder Bay

The aim of Wake The Giant is to form stronger bonds, relationships and understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in Thunder Bay and surrounding area.

Displaying this symbol outside of our Thunder Bay office means DST is a safe space in our neighbourhood for indigenous youth, indicating we are contributing to increasing understanding and awareness of Indigenous cultures in the region.

Ed Collins applying window decal

Ed Collins applying DST’s Wake the Giant symbol in the front of our building.

“This is just one of many opportunities DST will be working on – showing our support and commitment to the First Nations throughout Northwestern Ontario and Canada. I’m proud we can call our office a Safe Space location,” says Ed Collins, Manager of Indigenous Relations.

DST is proud to work and partner with First Nation communities across Canada.

Wake the Giant symbol on display in front of our Thunder Bay office.

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Marketing Intern Farewell

For those of you at DST who I have not met, I am sorry that our paths never crossed. I have been working every Friday out of the Thunder Bay office as the marketing intern under Amanda Sauermann and Sheena Larson.


I was hired as a marketing intern by DST through the RBC Work Integrated Learning Program. The objective of the program is to pair future graduates from Lakehead University with employers in their field of study. The program is structured so students can gain exposure to the workplace and then attend workshops to reflect on their experience and develop skills that will make them a more competent employee.


My experience here at DST has been nothing short of inspirational and I am very fortunate to have been selected by DST Consulting Engineers as their marketing intern. I know that the wisdom and insight I have gained from this experience will be invaluable as I move forward in my career. For all of you at DST who made my time here unforgettable, thank you, your warmth and generosity were always much appreciated.

Casey Ross

DST Marketing Intern


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DST at Algonquin College

On April 3rd, DST Consulting Engineers attended the Algonquin College  Professional Networking Event in Ottawa.

The event gave students an opportunity to connect with environmental professionals and industry leaders from around the Ottawa region. In addition to the wealth of networking opportunities, the event gave students an opportunity to gain deeper insight into what it means to be an industry professional and the steps they need to take to become one.

Sue Murphy (Left), Guillaume Castonguay (Center), Zubair Hossain (Right)

DST’s own Sue Murphy (HR Administrator), Guillaume Castonguay (Project Manager) and Zubair Hossain (Environmental Scientist) managed the DST booth and offered wisdom from each of their disciplines to passers-by. According to Guillaume, “it was the best student event I’ve attended in a long time”.

DST loves getting involved with those who are new to the industry and we want to encourage those who have questions to reach out to us on one of our many social media platforms.

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Environmental Design with Youth Fusion

This past week, DST’s Kris Tuuttila has continued his mentorship through Youth Fusion/Fusion Jeunesse.

As an environmental design mentor, Kris has provided guidance to students at Ogden Community Public School and Matawa Education and Care Centre in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The environmental design program through Youth Fusion gives students the opportunity to explore the field of environmental design, which educates students on the impact of the living spaces of citizens by putting environmental and social concerns at the heart of its practice.

On this visit, the students presented their 3D models and received valuable advice from Kris where he suggested feedback on how to improve their designs. The student’s at Ogden School are designing a Rain Garden to reduce flooding in a part of their school yard and the student’s at Matawa are designing a Sweat Lodge in their school yard to teach students about traditional Indigenous healing.

“I’m excited to be a part of this program. It’s an incredible opportunity for me to use my knowledge to work with kids and guide them along in their learning. It’s a great way for DST to give back to the community and have the next generation become more interested in environmental science.”

Kris and our team at DST are looking forward to seeing what the final stages of the program look like and seeing their designs come to life!

Thank you to Youth Fusion for letting DST partner with you for this program.

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Holiday Season Opens up with the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce

It’s party season!

DST kicked off December with the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce as a sponsor of their annual Holiday Party.

A wonderful time was had by all – good food, fun games, exciting prizes and great company. Hats off to the organizers for all their hard work put into this seasonal event!

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Skills Ontario – Career Exploration in Thunder Bay

Across the province, Skills Ontario has been gathering high school girls in different cities to explore careers in the skilled trades and technologies. These events provide participants the opportunity to meet, network, and enjoy a meal with female mentors who have already chosen a career path in the skilled trade and technology sector.


Throughout the day, students network with women who have a career focus in various trades – mining, hairstyling, engineering, heavy machinery and more.

DST’s Christine Sebesta (middle, blue shirt) with the other career mentors.

In Thunder Bay, DST’s Christine Sebesta attended the event hosted by the Carpenters Union 1669. Christine is an CAD Technologist with a background in civil engineering technology and was happy to discuss her career path and provide mentorship to the  high school students.


Christine with the high school girls.

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Bump, set, spike! Hope Beach Volleyball Tournament 2018

DST was a proud supporter of this year’s HOPE Beach Volleyball tournament held annually at Mooney’s Bay in Ottawa, Ontario.  


The DST VolleyBrawlers had a fantastic time serving up fun in support of local charities!





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Backpack Electrofishing Certification

DST’s Biologists Antonio Trogrlic, Jody Hereema and Michaela Haring attended Backpack Electrofishing Class 2 certification this May as part of the Natural Channels Systems Conference held at the University of Guelph.



Backpack Electrofishing is a method of sampling fish that uses a non-lethal electric shock that induces electrotaxis in fish. Electrotaxis causes fish to swim towards an electric current allowing them to be easily captured without harming them.


Backpack Electrofishing is an essential tool to DST and its clients to perform fisheries studies in streams, and fish removal for bridge and culvert construction projects.  

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DST Sudbury hits the links for the OIAA Northern Chapter

What a tee-rific day for golfing!


Our DST Sudbury office participated in the annual OIAA Northern Chapter Golf Tournament on May 24.


The weather was warm and the candy was sweet – golfers stopped at the DST sponsored hole got to pick a sweet treat from our candy bar and have their try at a marshmallow golf contest. Whoever could ‘drive’ their marshmallow the farthest was deemed the winner!


Micheline Gervais, Project Manager, asked the participants to think of the most innovative way to drive the marshmallows down the fairway. The best method from the gentlemen was to put a golfball in the marshmallow and the ladies chose brute strength to send it as far as possible. Talk about innovative thinking!


DST continues to be a proud supporter of this annual tournament and is looking forward to getting back on the links again next year!


Setting up the DST Candy Bar

Team DST on the course

Trying to drive marshmallows down the fairway!

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Welcome to Spring!

Our Thunder Bay team participated in the local Spring Up To Clean Up campaign hosted by EcoSuperior.


The City of Thunder Bay has sponsored this community-wide litter clean-up in partnership with EcoSuperior since 1996. Over the years, the program has grown to more than 10,000 participants annually working to beautify over 200 areas of our community.

Part of our office team with our big collection pile!

After a thorough clean up of the neighbourhood around the DST office, the team joined the official launch day event and enjoyed a BBQ lunch. It’s our job to help keep our planet clean!

Cupcakes donated to the launch day BBQ by DST.

Team DST enjoying a BBQ lunch!

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