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Monitoring Instrumentation Services

Vibration and Noise Monitoring

Geotechnical Instrumentation


DST specializes in solving complex vibration, noise and overpressure driven challenges caused by construction, mining, quarrying, blasting or demolition activities.  Sales and rental options, through to services and full support on a range of monitoring products.

Geotechnical Instrumentation

Noise & Vibration Monitoring


DST specializes in the distribution, planning, installation and operation of monitoring instrumentation networks required for the protection of existing buildings, underground utilities and for the evaluation of construction effects in all areas.    




Delivering excellence, innovation, and safety on every project.

From innovation techniques to environmentally friendly solutions, the team at DST has won a variety of awards that reflect the achievements of our company and employees.

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Health & Safety

Protecting our Most Valuable Resources... Our People.

Commitment to workplace health and safety forms an integral part of our organization from the Board of Directors and President through to all DST employees.

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