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Geotechnical Instrumentation & Performance Monitoring

DST has signed an exclusive Canadian Distributor Agreement with Encardio rite Electronics Pvt. Ltd. for geotechnical, structural and groundwater instrumentation and performance monitoring equipment.  

With advanced in-house expertise and access to sophisticated monitoring instrumentation, DST is your trusted go to for reliable instrumentation solutions.

DST’s team of geotechnical engineers and geoscientists has extensive project experience and proven results in the planning, installation and commissioning of monitoring instrumentation programs.  We have been servicing this industry for 40 years. 

Today we are now an exclusive distributor for some of the most reliable and sophisticated equipment in the industry: piezometers, inclinometers, settlement gauges, etc. all supported by a cloud based data hosting and management system. 

  1. Distribution.  Working with the client to source instrumentation required for any project across Canada.  And, we ship worldwide. 
  2. Planning.  Here to provide expert guidance to prepare a custom monitoring program.
  3. Installation.  Here to ensure remote monitoring networks are installed properly the first time. 
  4. Service.  A trusted adviser there to interpret the measurements and provide recommendations to help mitigate the geotechnical risks for their project.


We understand that each project is different and work with the client to provide the support they need.  As a team, we specialize in developing project specific monitoring instrumentation programs and can work with you through each project phase, or be your source for quality equipment.

Our priority is to work closely with clients to understand the unique parameters first, helping us to identify the optimal monitoring solution to meet the projects requirements.

  • Settlement Gauges
  • Water Stand Pipe
  • Piezometers
  • Inclinometers
  • Earth Pressure cell
  • Strain Gauges

Contact us for more information on instrumentation programs for monitoring stresses in pipelines, underground excavations, tunnels, stability of underground openings, pit slopes and tailings dams, stability of embankments, stability of excavations and effects on adjacent structures, monitoring systems for load testing steel, concrete, driven and piles.



Geotechnical instruments are used to monitor ground conditions for investigative, prefeasibility or monitoring, assessing and/or verification purposes.  They are used to monitor conditions (soil deformation, Groundwater levels, Stress/Strain etc.) for infrastructure development projects to help mitigate risk.  Utilizing monitoring instrumentation is especially critical for tunneling projects, shoring, or excavation in sensitive soil.

From an investigative perspective, monitoring instruments are used to provide an understanding of the ground conditions for prefeasibility and design, to provide input values for design calculations, and to check for changing ground conditions.  Whereas from a monitoring perspective, instruments are used to assess and verify design performance, to calibrate models and constraining design calculations, and to provide warnings of a change in ground conditions or behaviour as a way of mitigating risk. 

The key parameters that geotechnical instruments measure are structural and soil deformations (Vertical, Horizontal and Lateral) stresses acting on structural elements, and groundwater pressures and inflows.

We understand that geotechnical instrumentation is complicated which is why engaging a consulting team that knows and understands monitoring equipment options, monitoring instrumentation strategies and methods, and how to interpret parameters of interest is extremely important to ensuring the long-term protection of your project.  


DST is the exclusive Canadian supplier of Encardio rite instrumentation and data monitoring solutions. 

Established in India in 1966, Encardio rite is a world leader in geotechnical, structural monitoring, and ground water instrumentation and performance monitoring equipment.

The group has a physical presence in 8 countries and its globally acclaimed products are used in more than 60 countries worldwide.  They have been providing clients with sophisticated and reliable monitoring equipment for over 52 years. Their excellence is reflected through key projects: Delhi metro, Dubai metro, Doha metro, Marina Bay Sands, Abu Dhabi Underground Sewer System, Tehri Dam, etc.




R&D division

Encardio rite leads in technological advancements with cutting-edge software, instrumentation, monitoring and manufacturing techniques to address the dynamic requirements of the evolving construction and environmental sectors.


Consistent quality services with reliable products, in compliance with the ISO-9001:2008 quality systems conforming to international standards.


State-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities, equipped with the best of tools and technology including electron beam welding and load cell calibration facilities up to 15,000 kN. A wide range of sensors are hermetically sealed resulting in IP-68 protection that result in sensors being almost completely resistant to effect of corrosion and ingress of moisture and water, making them best suitable for long term monitoring.

Encardio Rite Infographic Chart



  • Geotechnical Monitoring
  • Structural Asset Monitoring
  • Tunnel Monitoring
  • Geodetic Survey
  • Laser Scanning
  • Deformation Monitoring
  • Topographic and Ariel Mapping
  • Railway Monitoring