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Nanticoke Stack Demolition: 2 stacks, 650 ft, 10 seconds – HD Drone Footage

On Wednesday, February 28th, the Nanticoke, Ontario skyline was changed forever as the two 650 ft stacks at the Nanticoke OPG plant were toppled by a controlled explosive blast.  After months of preparation work leading up to blast day the stacks were down in a matter of seconds.  DST was part of the demolition crew working together with Delsan AIM and Rakowski Cartage & Wreckage to ensure the demolition was completed efficiently, precisely, and most of all, safely.


Nanticoke Stack Demolition: 2 stacks, 650 ft, 10 seconds – HD Drone Footage


Watch as the incredible planning process unfolds.  Covering the final stages of preparation, this video features technical experts from the project discussing the complex nature of explosive demolition projects and the challenge faced by the team with this project: demolishing two 650 ft stacks, each with four inner flues, located on the shores of Lake Erie.  Highlighting the extreme care for health and safety standards and the environment, and then finally the big event – demolition – this is an informative ‘how to’ on executing the perfect controlled, explosive demolition.   


DST would like to recognize the members of our expert blast and demolition team that helped make the successful completion of this project possible:  Ray Jambakhsh, Chief Technical Advisor (DST Sudbury), George Thomas, Director of Infrastructure (DST Ottawa), Amir Ghorbani, Project Manager (DST Mississauga), Andrew Naoum, Regional Manager of Infrastructure – Southern Ontario (DST Ottawa), Eric Gagne, Vibration and Noise Monitoring Specialist (DST Ottawa).


Nanticoke Blast Crew: DST Consulting Engineers, Delsan AIM, Rakowski Cartage & Wreckage


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