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DST and the Whitesand First Nation Career Fair

On April 18, DST Consulting Engineers attended The Whitesand First Nation career fair. This fair was hosted by Whitesand First Nation and held at their new multiplex facility.


The Whitesand First Nation is an Ojibwa First Nation with a land base of 615 acres. The community of Armstrong Settlement is the main community in the area. In June 2008, their total registered population was 1086 people, of which their on-reserve population was 311.


Bob Wright, Client Liaison from our Thunder Bay office, made the trip up to represent DST at the career fair. This was one of their busiest career fairs yet, with a huge variety of booths and many people in attendance. Plus, now many young people in Whitesand FN and Armstrong can be seen sporting DST sunglasses.


It was a wonderful opportunity to visit the community and share information with students and community members about potential future careers in the engineering industry.


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