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Ignite your Passion, Engineer your Future.

  • Bridge Demolition
  • Fisheries-Longnose Gar
  • Soil Sampling
  • Staged Grouting
  • Surface Water Sampling
  • Surveying
  • CS
  • Waste Management


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Inspiration. Teams are comprised of intelligent, ambitious, results-driven professionals who ask questions, are tenacious about problem solving and creative in their solutions.

Growth. DST provides professionals in all stages of their career access to mentors who are leading the industry, who are committed to providing guidance and allowing others the freedom to develop their skills.

Flexibility. Management and Technical career stream options offer the flexibility to pursue a career path that evolves with each unique individual.

Diversity. DST offers a stimulating multidisciplinary environment that requires collaboration among team members with a rich variety of professional, educational and cultural backgrounds.

Satisfaction. DST completes meaningful work that positively impacts urban, rural and remote Canadian environments. We give back to our communities and support sustainability.

Talal Testimonial
Talal Testimonial

Professionals at DST are dynamic, enthusiastic and self-motivated by nature. We allow each individual the chance to realize their full potential by having a voice and pushing their limits.

Success at DST means being confident enough to lead and humble enough to learn. We thrive on being accountable for challenging job responsibilities, and participation in professional development is encouraged.

We believe in working hard while achieving a work-life balance. We are all a part of creating an enjoyable workplace where smiling, laughing and connecting are an everyday occurrence.  

Lisa Testimonial
Lisa Testimonial

Competitive Compensation. DST rewards professionals for their contributions with competitive, research-based equitable compensation packages. We conduct annual reviews and maintain a pay for performance compensation program that truly rewards exceptional performance of individual staff who make significant contributions to corporate success.

Staff Special Payments. DST is proud of our Staff Special Payments program which emphasizes and encourages excellence by rewarding both individual and group contributions.

Employee Ownership Options. DST offers permanent staff the opportunity to own shares in the company. As an employee owner, being a shareholder means hard work doesn’t just pay off, it pays you.

Dental and Health Benefit Package. DST provides permanent employees a comprehensive benefits package that is designed to support long-term health and wellness.

Tuition and Professional Fee Reimbursement Program.  DST extends access to Professional Development and Tuition programs which enable the growth and advancement of professional skills.

Selorm Testimonial
Selorm Testimonial

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