“I want to be Creative…”

We have a passion for innovation and discovery, so working here means you will have their freedom to create, solve, challenge and improve.

“I want more teamwork…”

At DST our basic structure is built on project teams –that means interaction with your colleagues is an everyday event.

“I want to influence change…”

Employee empowerment is part of DST, a culture of trust and responsibility. So staff input is key to where we go in the future, and embedded in our career pathway.

“I want to be rewarded…”

We believe that rewarding people for their contribution isn’t just about a competitive compensation and benefits package. Our approach offers you choice as well as flexibility, and rewards real performance.

“I want more opportunity…”

With a 20% growth rate, the opportunities at DST are virtually limitless. Find the challenge you’re looking for, whether a new graduate or seasoned expert.

“I want to be recognized in the industry…”

DST’s focus on “innovative and practical solutions,” means that your technical innovation and project management skills will develop a top reputation with customers.

“I want project involvement, start to finish…”

We focus on projects where we provide both the consulting and the contracting – from analyzing a problem to solving it on paper to actually making it work.