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Vision & Values

Vision & Values

Sustainable growth founded on valued and trusted relationships with our clients.

It is our vision at DST Consulting Engineers Inc. to build one of the best places to work by focusing on our people, focusing on a culture of innovation and collaboration, and focusing on high-quality project management.

We are committed to evolve and diversify our services to engage our employees with opportunities for learning, and our clients with added value.

Our mission is to provide a great work place for our staff to achieve their professional, financial, and social goals.

By developing a corporate culture that prioritizes our people now, our next generation of staff will experience one of the best places to work, providing services to a diversified customer base.

DST Values

  • Making our people the number 1 priority by continually improving their skills, providing fair treatment with dignity, recognizing their accomplishments and encouraging personal initiative and risk tolerance.
  • Knowing our clients and their core business drivers.
  • Providing services that create value for our clients.
  • Receiving rewards appropriate to the value created and the risks taken.
  • Working with clients and suppliers who respect environmentally and socially responsible projects.



Delivering excellence, innovation, and safety on every project.

From innovation techniques to environmentally friendly solutions, the team at DST has won a variety of awards that reflect the achievements of our company and employees.

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Health & Safety

Protecting our Most Valuable Resources... Our People.

Commitment to workplace health and safety forms an integral part of our organization from the Board of Directors and President through to all DST employees.

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