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Our History

Our History

Building a sustainable future on a rock solid past.

Dominion Soil Investigations was established in Toronto, Ontario in 1956 by Aron Bonca, a self-made entrepreneur. Arriving in Canada with a few cents in his pocket, Aron successfully acquired the drills of a bankrupt geotechnical engineering firm. Self-employed and offering unique services, Aron operated his own geotechnical drills which set him apart from the competition.

As the business grew, Dominion Soil elected to enter a new market in 1971 and set up a branch with a small CME 45 drill in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Core services offered at that time were, geotechnical engineering, construction inspection/testing and environmental consulting. Accepting his first job as a junior engineer at Dominion Soil Investigations in 1976, Mike Fabius relocated to Thunder Bay where he became an integral part of the business’ success. By 1993, the office had grown to include 18 staff in Northern Ontario, including a small office in Kenora. With retirement in the near future for Aron, Mike Fabius ambitiously purchased Dominion Soil’s Thunder Bay and Kenora operations, renaming the company, to DST Consulting Engineers Inc.

DST expanded to Ottawa and Sudbury in 1995.

The Ottawa expansion occurred when DST acquired a firm that specialized in pile analysis and testing to form DST-AGI Consulting Engineers Inc. The other location to open that year was the Sudbury office, which became host to three local firms; an environmental firm, aggregate specialty business and blast consulting.

As the company continued to grow and expand service lines, a business decision was made to maintain the broader name of DST Consulting Engineers Inc. (“DST”), thus excluding AGI from the title. By this time, DST’s continued growth had expanded the service capabilities to also include demolition consulting, waste management and integrated green building design services.

Business success and operational demands in the later 90’s gave rise to the need for an expansion of the Thunder Bay facilities, resulting in the addition of a new laboratory next to the office on Hewitson Street. Entrepreneurial in nature, DST continued to identify business opportunities, venturing into new markets by offering services that aligned with local needs. An office was opened in Edmonton in 2007, followed by DST’s Waterloo/Kitchener office in 2009 and in 2012, an office in Vancouver. In 2013 DST opened its satellite office in Cranbrook followed by growth in the Ontario branches which included the Greater Toronto Area. Today DST is proud to be operating successful offices across Canada: Vancouver, Cranbrook, Edmonton, Kenora, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Waterloo, Mississauga, and Ottawa.

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Delivering excellence, innovation, and safety on every project.

From innovation techniques to environmentally friendly solutions, the team at DST has won a variety of awards that reflect the achievements of our company and employees.

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Health & Safety

Protecting our Most Valuable Resources... Our People.

Commitment to workplace health and safety forms an integral part of our organization from the Board of Directors and President through to all DST employees.

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